Daniel Radcliffe shares thoughts on becoming a ‘father’

Daniel Radcliffe shares thoughts on fatherhood

Daniel Radcliffe is busy these days but not with shooting but with his new born baby.

During an interview with Xtra, the 33-year-old called his fatherhood a “freaky few months”.

Giving an update on his baby’s progress, the British actor revealed that he has now learned to smile and laugh.

Radcliffe said, “She’s so sweet.”

“We’ve gone into a period of less screaming and he’s now giving us little smiles and giggles.”

They added, “It’s been a very strange few months, as anyone who’s been a parent will attest to. But it’s also the best thing that’s ever happened, so that’s great. I’m looking forward to spending this time with her.” Feel so lucky to be able to. It’s awesome.”

Earlier, Radcliffe shared similar thoughts when talking about the birth of his son, “It’s a crazy thing, but it’s also really beautiful.

“Watching your girlfriend become a mother is really the most incredible, beautiful thing to witness. So, that’s great.”


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