Can fans expect to see Cristiano Ronaldo in coaching, managerial roles in future?

Ronaldo has previously showcased his off-the-pitch skills when he guided his teammates during Euro 2016 final from sidelines

Al Nassrs Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring a goal. — Reuters/File
Al Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring a goal. — Reuters/File

Cristiano Ronaldo’s competitiveness and prowess are arguably unmatched when the Portuguese are on the pitch, leaving the fans to wonder how will the Portuguese perform on the sidelines in coaching or managerial roles.

However, Ronaldo recently did offer a glimpse of what fans might see if he is to undertake coaching or perform duties as a manager.

The Al-Nassr star recently posted a video on his Instagram account showing him offering advice to a handful of lucky fans during a promotional video, reported

The video offers a nostalgic flashback to the Euro 2016 final where Ronaldo — after being replaced due to an injury early in the game — partially took over manager Fernando Santos’ role and guided his team from the sidelines.

Whether Ronaldo will continue to actively remain part of the game via coaching or managerial roles is yet to be seen as the former Real Madrid striker, despite calls from some fans and critics for him to retire, is seemingly far away from bidding farewell to the football pitch after becoming the highest goal scorer of 2023.

At present, the 38-year-old star is spending time in rehabilitation following a muscle injury which has left him unable to feature for his Saudi club for now.

Ronaldo’s injury might sideline Ronaldo for a couple of weeks, potentially affecting his participation in the Riyadh Cup against Inter Miami, where he could miss a reunion with long-time rival Lionel Messi.


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