Ariana Grande faces flak for new song

Ariana Grande faces flak for new song
Ariana Grande faces flak for new song

Recently, Ariana Grande released a much-awaited song yes, and? with much fanfare. However, there are some sections out there that did not return the same warmth. Political pundit Candace Owens was one of them.

Speaking on her self-titled podcast, the conservative commentator opened up about her thoughts on the song where the Grammy winner seemingly addressed her relationship with Ethan Slater, which set off homewrecking allegations.

Taking a shot at the track’s lyrics, “Your business is yours and mine is mine, why do you care so much whose —- I ride?” 

Candace said, “Now it’s about the fact that she has come out with a song that basically celebrates her home-wrecking capability.”

Adding, “She’s just like, ‘Yes, And? I don’t care!’… Yes, I took your husband, took the father of your children, and so what?”

She continued, “We don’t want to picture you sleeping with Ethan Slater,” Owens continued. “We want to acknowledge, the general public, that her behavior is absolute filth. We just want to be able to read you for the trash that you are.”

Insiders previously stressed Ariana and Ethan have not cheated their respective exes. 

Still, some were sceptical about the latter separating with ex-wife Lilly Jay just months after their first child.


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