‘Arguably the best ever’: Rooney humiliates Ronaldo by praising Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo (left), Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi.  Reuters/File
Cristiano Ronaldo (left), Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi. Reuters/File

Wayne Rooney has heaped praise on Lionel Messi following his move to Inter Miami, ultimately running the risk of angering former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans.

The coach of DC United – who moved to Major Soccer League in 2018 – expressed his enthusiasm ahead of Messi’s arrival, saying he is “arguably the best ever”.

Messi is set to leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer to join Inter Miami, with his grand unveiling at the club set to take place on July 16, as per reports daily Mail,

speaking during an interview with sky game, Rooney talked about the big name signing and how it inspired Miami. “It’s obviously a great move for MLS,” he said.

“Commercially, it will be huge. It will bring more interest to the game from different regions of the world – I’m sure it will because you’re definitely going to be the best player ever to play the game.” ,

“I’m sure he’ll come here and want to be competitive, and try to help Miami climb up the table.

Rooney said, “I think not just the fans, but the coaches, the players – everybody is excited to have him in the league.”

However, his comments may spark anger from Ronaldo fans who consider Messi the greatest.

Messi and Ronaldo fans have long had a rivalry as to who is the better footballer. Both players have received 12 Ballons d’Or in total – Ronaldo has five and Messi has seven.

Meanwhile, Rooney has had close contact with both football stars as he sided with Ronaldo during his Man United days and against Messi during their team’s Champions League match-ups.


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