Alex Jones gives update on Charlie Thomson’s mental state

Alex Jones revealed last year that Charlie Thomson
Alex Jones revealed last year that Charlie Thomson was going through a “really rough patch”.

Alex Jones updated her fans on the current mental state of her husband Charlie Thomson. He revealed that he had been going through a “really bad phase” in the past year.

Alex, 45, has been married to Charlie, an insurance broker, since 2015 and they have three children. they marked their presence MiddleGabby Logan’s podcast where she revealed that Charlie is “in a lot better shape now” than he was last year.

He revealed that he was focusing on diet which also improved his mental state; And cooking for his family helped him a lot when they were struggling.

Alex Jones gives update on Charlie Thomson's mental state

In January, Alex claimed that her husband has unfortunately become a “shadow” of himself due to his mental health. She said she had noticed that he had broken down after recovering from Lyme disease and viral meningitis.

“I think what motivates me is the fact that we have three young children, and I feel that, for their sake, I need to do the best I can to protect myself. Mom and Dad have always been healthy, growing up we’ve always eaten a balanced diet, but more than that, Charlie and I focus on that. Last year also his condition was not very good.


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